Our Business Is Understanding Yours

Yes it's a "strap line" but we think it is at the core of what we do for our clients.

Our job is to provide advice on what insurance you need and to obtain the most appropriate cover at the best possible price. So we need to understand the risks that you, your people and your business face.

If we don't know what you do and thoroughly understand it then that is impossible.

You have a duty to tell an insurer everything they need to know, that you know or ought to know about your business. This duty is increasingly onerous under the "new" Insurance Act legislation that came in in 2016. This refers to a need to provide a Fair Presentation of Risk to an insurer. If you are considered not to have done this then your policy may not respond in full or at all when a claim occurs, the worst outcome at the worst possible time.

If we understand your business, what you do, how you do it, where and which people are responsible for what then we can take much of that worry away. And, as well as putting an insurance programme in place can even highlight some areas of risk not previously recognised or considered.

Insurers like to feel confident that they know the risk they're underwriting, they don't respond well to surprises. When they are confident it can often result in us getting better terms and covers out of them. Our status as a trusted partner with insurers also helps them with this as they know that we will always strive to give them a full and fair presentation of our client's business and risks.

In Insurance, one size does not fit all. By understanding your business we can provide a bespoke service. So, stand by for questions, questions, questions and beware any broker or insurer that doesn't ask them.