Business Services

Additional Services

We offer a whole range of specialist business services, providing additional protection and expertise, all aimed at helping your business to run smooth and productively.

As your insurance company, we want to minimise your risks and maximise your efficiency. That’s why we have put together a further range of specialist services, providing help and advice, and additional cover:

Cyber Liability Insurance
Cyber liability doesn’t just affect the IT sector, it can affect any company. This policy explains what it is, sees where you may be vulnerable and puts defence into place.

Commercial Legal Expenses
In our increasingly litigious society, good legal advice can be very expensive, and every company could benefit from this cover.

Driving Licence Protection
How would you manage without your driving licence? Could you afford a chauffeur? If you were insured with this policy, you could afford your own driver!

Guaranteed Replacement Vehicle
Under the terms of this policy, you will benefit from a replacement vehicle in the event of an accident, whether the fault is yours or not.

GAP Insurance
Insurers will pay you what your vehicle is worth, not what you owe. This policy covers the difference, and it is no longer just company leased vehicles that are protected.

Group Accident & Travel Insurance
This policy provides more extensive cover than most travel insurance available on the High Street, and can include free leisure travel for directors and their families.