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Claims Loss Recovery Service

Difficult, serious and complex claims can take time to resolve, which is why we strongly recommend you have your own loss adjuster.

In the event your business premises were badly damaged or destroyed by an occurrence such as fire, you would want to get everything reinstated and begin trading again as soon as possible. But where do you start?

How long will it take the insurer to send a loss adjuster? Can you spend any money without their say so? Do you have any spare money to spend? What do you tell your customers and staff? Will your bank support you?

The first few hours after a fire are vital if the business is to survive, but the loss adjuster could take a few days to visit. Likewise, over-zealous interpretation of policy conditions could also cause delays or worse.

This policy provides you with a loss adjuster within 24 hours, providing you with an expert on-site, assisting in getting recovery under way. This includes sourcing alternative premises, talking to customers, staff and suppliers, and compiling the claim to be presented to your insurer.

Although Johnstones can help with your claim and will be involved at every step, you need specialist expertise on your side at a time like this. This cover is surprisingly affordable, and is invaluable in helping to ensure your business doesn’t become one of the 80% that never recovers from a major fire loss.