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Commercial Finance

Acorn has built a reputation arranging finance for a wide range of businesses, and can provide independent, impartial help and advice for your business.

Given the adverse economic climate, borrowing money has not been easy for the last few years and many businesses believe it’s not even worth trying to get finance.

Here at Johnstone’s, we’ve dealt with Acorn for our own needs and it’s been quite an eye-opener. We’ve found that finance is available, as long as the right presentation is made by the right people to the right lenders.

Operated by Tom and Paul Thompson, Acorn has a reputation for providing finance to a wide range of businesses over a 20-year period. With access to a massive range of lenders, including building societies, international banks, private financiers, investors, crowd funding and peer to peer schemes, Acorn is in a position to compare offerings and get the best available finance in the market.

With a wealth of experience, the Acorn team is well equipped to provide independent, impartial advice and help your business prepare to meet the challenges of the future.

Obviously, not every project will succeed, but Tom and Paul Thompson at Acorn are the people to deal with, and we think you may be surprised at what’s available.

Working with Acorn

90% of raising finance is knowing where to look. Acorn has access to more lenders, ensuring you get a better deal, and if you don’t manage to secure a loan, there’s no charge.


  • Reality check to confirm basic details
  • Financial summary produced detailing terms for approval by client
  • Further information supplied by client to suit lenders’ requirements


  • Work with client to ensure information is complete and accurate
  • Go straight to best lender
  • Experience with lenders means time is rarely wasted on bank rejections


  • Ensure client meets lender’s requirements in the offer letter
  • Work with lender, legal team and other professionals to ensure timely drawdown of funding
  • Available after funding for further help or advice


By understanding a client’s business and goals for the future, and putting together a combination of products, Acorn is better able to meet the needs of more businesses. Loans can be arranged from just £3,000 up to hundreds of millions.

Commercial Mortgages

All forms of property finance for owner/operators or investors, with all purposes & property types considered:

  • Short Term (<1 year)
  • Medium Term (1 - 5 years)
  • Long Term (5 - 30 years)

Business Finance

  • Funding against cash flow, receivables, assets etc.
  • Structured funding
  • Management buy outs/ins
  • Variable terms to fit client's needs: equity investments/angels

Alternative Finance & Top Ups

  • Short term cash flow loans
  • Crowd funding
  • Secondary & trade lending
  • Pension funded lending
  • Other specialist sources

For Further Information:

This services detailed here are provided and managed by our Commercial Finance partner, Acorn Commercial Finance Ltd. To visit our partners website, please click here: Acorn Commercial Finance Ltd.