Business Services

Business Services

Johnstone Business Services comprises a unique range of specialist services designed to add value, provide expertise where you need it and help your business run more efficiently.

While insurance is a vitally important element for any business and at the heart of what we do, it is only one of many important concerns facing companies today.

We believe it is our duty to help our clients in any way that we can, by adding value or introducing expertise, and have put together a range of specialist business services, designed to provide additional protection and help your business run more efficiently.

They include such areas as Claims Loss Recovery, Commercial Finance, Health & Safety and Employment Law and Independent Financial Advice.

Allied to our specialist services is a range of insurance covers that are less well known and often not viewed with primary covers. They can be hugely beneficial and are often less costly than you may think. These include Loss of Driving Licence, Cyber Liability, GAP Insurance, and many more.

Through Johnstone Business Services, we are able to provide clients with a unique offering that works alongside our insurance services, and sets us apart from other insurance brokers.