Motor Accident Guide

Please follow these simple instructions.

Stay calm, keep safe
Try not to panic after an accident - That may be easier said than done as any accident will be a stressful event but keeping calm is the best thing you can do. Stop your car, turn off your engine and turn on your hazard lights. Then get out of the car safely, by using the passenger door to avoid traffic if necessary, and stand a safe distance away from the road.

Call for help
If anybody has been hurt in the accident, call the emergency services immediately on 999.  Give the location and as much information as you can about injuries. The safety of everybody involved is always the first priority.

Don't admit responsibility.
Your Insurers will investigate who caused the accident and decide later who is legally at fault so it's important that you don't take responsibility for it, even if you think it was your fault.

Report the Accident
Call us on 01724 872 939 and we will take you through the process.  If out of hours you can still contact our energency reporting line 03455 065 67.

Your legal responsibilities
Drivers involved in a car accident are required by law to stop at the scene, and the police must be called if there are injuries or damage to public property. Don't move any vehicles until the police have arrived. If nobody is hurt, no offences are committed and public property (like road signs) is not damaged, it's possible to simply exchange details with the other driver without calling the police.

Take down the details
Once everyone involved is safe or is being safely looked after, it's time to note what happened. We will prompt you for this information.  But ideally you'll need to take a note of:

  • The date, time and exact location of the accident
  • The name, address and phone number of all drivers involved, and their insurance details if they have them
  • The make, model and registration of all vehicles involved
  • The name, address and phone number of all passengers, plus the vehicle they were in
  • Details of any injuries to anybody involved in the accident
  • Details of any police officers attending the scene
  • The details of anyone who saw the accident - independent witness evidence is very useful

Take photos
Most mobile phones have a camera, so please safely photograph positions of the vehicles involved, any skid marks and any damage especially that to the other vehicle(s) or property involved. Note if there are any CCTV cameras nearby and please make a sketch of the scene too.