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Just over three years ago, Jasmine Barratt finished her GCSEs at Winterton Community Academy

 Apprentice Jasmine Barratt


 January 2019

Just over three years ago, Jasmine Barratt finished her GCSEs at Winterton Community Academy. Rather than pursuing further education in a college environment Jasmine decided she wanted experience of work life and started applying for Apprenticeship vacancies online. After getting in touch with HBTC Jasmine quickly secured an Apprenticeship at Johnstone Insurance Brokers Ltd undertaking her Intermediate Apprenticeship in Business Administration, starting just less than a week before her 16th birthday.

To begin with Jasmine’s role was as a General Office Junior, providing support to the rest of the team. Jasmine said that she “enjoyed the experience of transition from education to work and working with other people” and that the most important thing her Apprenticeship taught her was “to believe in myself”.

Jasmine’s hard work and determination paid off and Johnstone Insurance were more than happy to offer her a permanent contract at the end of her Apprenticeship. Chris Harper, Managing Director of Johnstone Insurance, says that Jasmine “has become an invaluable member of our team and has really grasped the opportunities presented”. 

As part of her training at Johnstone Insurance, Jasmine was offered the opportunity to take part in the ‘Young Professional Community’ where young professionals from insurance brokers throughout the country take part in projects that enable them to develop their skills and knowledge of the insurance industry. As part of this programme Jasmine travelled to London late last year where those taking part had to put together and deliver a ‘day in the life of our office’ presentation. Putting a PowerPoint presentation together for the first time Jasmine created her ‘day in the life of Johnstone Insurance’ and, aged just 18, Jasmine delivered this to the group, all of whom where older and more experienced than Jasmine. Jasmine’s confidence and ability prompted excellent feedback including that of her Managing Director, Chris Harper; 

“Quite a daunting task but not only did she hold her nerve and go through with it, she excelled prompting the course organiser to express disbelief that Jasmine hadn’t ever done any form of presentation before and say that she was far and away the best speaker in the group”.

Three years since Jasmine started with Johnstone Insurance, Jasmine is now a Trainee Account Handler where she supports the Account Executives and Handlers and has responsibility for looking after the renewal process for smaller business clients which involves speaking with both insurance companies as well as their clients. Jasmine plans on progressing and developing within the insurance industry and with Johnstone Insurance and has some excellent words of advice for those looking to start an Apprenticeship; 

“Make the most of it and keep learning. There is always something to learn even when dealing with what seem like menial jobs, if approached positively.”

Jasmine also encourages other employers to consider recruiting Apprentices “give it a try, you may be surprised.” The Apprenticeship process has definitely worked for Johnstone Insurance as they now have two further Apprentices in their offices who they hope will follow in Jasmine’s footsteps.