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Important information about driving in the EEA after Brexit

What is a Green Card ?

February 2019

 “More Brexit stuff! We know, sorry but one of the more immediate issues could be in connection with driving your own vehicle when in Europe. We had a conversation in the office recently about Green cards and realised that probably a third of the people involved had no idea what one was or thought it was something to do with working in the States! It was quite a few years ago now when you last had to take a green piece of paper with you when travelling to Europe to avoid a “Non” when you got to the French ports.

All of the British insurers are making arrangements for these to be reintroduced and should have them ready, hopefully, should they be needed. It is though probably a good idea to let us know if you have any plans to travel to and to drive a UK based vehicle in Europe after the 29th March. We can then make specific arrangements to ensure that we have the document for you in good time. We’ll probably have to get some green paper in as well!!”