Personal Insurance

Personal Insurance

Drawing on 30 years experience, we have the expertise and knowledge to arrange the tailored insurance to suit your personal needs, providing optimum cover at the best available rate.

We will assess your needs and use our experience and knowledge to source suitable cover from the most appropriate insurers and, importantly, at the right price.

We always aim to secure the highest level of cover at the lowest possible price, while ensuring you benefit from the highest standards of customer care.

At all times, we have your best interests at heart and will always provide professional advice and expertise, assisting with all your personal insurance requirements, whether for your home, possessions, cars, boats or travel.

As a matter of course, we will ensure documentation is accurate and timely, and assist you in the reporting and settlement of claims.

You’ll find us accessible, approachable and friendly, always prepared to go the extra mile, meeting your on-going insurance needs year after year.