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Young Drivers Insurance

Young drivers have always been a problem for Insurers and therefore a bigger problem to their parents!

It's not getting any easier with lots of upward pressure on premiums and fewer Insurers prepared to vary their terms to include drivers under 25 and/or who haven't been driving for 2 years.

That is unless you use a specialist. Marmalade is that specialist and using their black box technology and thinking outside of that box they have some great and innovative solutions.

Buy a car with free insurance
Buy a car through Marmalade and get Black Box Insurance Free!

Student Driver Insurance
Kids back from Uni and want to drive your car? They can get short term cover on your car(s) with no risk to your no claims discount.

New Driver Insurance (Parents/Family Car)
Just starting out learning to drive or recently passed your test but no car yet? Well you can now drive your parent's car, insure it yourself and earn your own no claims discount.                           

New Driver Insurance (Own Car)
Got your own car aleady but need affordable cover, now! Get a quote and be ready to go in minutes.

Learner Driver Insurance
It can be frustrating for everyone when you are learning to drive. Getting access to a car for those vital extra hours practice is often prevented because of insurance. Now you can insure someone elses car for 30,60 or 90 days in your name with no effect on this owners cover.